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Cytox Limited - a UK-based company with a unique scientific and proprietary technology platform. Through the application of this fundamental science and our specific know-how, we are elucidating the biology and genetics behind dementia, as well as developing prognostics tests for cognitive decline and individual risk of developing AD or other dementias. Contact us to find out more about our plans and how you could work with us.

The business and science team is supported by an experienced Board of Directors:

David Evans Chairman
Richard Pither CEO
Zsuzsanna Nagy CSO
James Mellon Non-executive
NWF 4B Directors Ltd Non-executive

The Board of Directors

  • Dr Richard Pither
    Dr Richard Pither

    Richard has been involved in the development diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical products for more than twenty years.

  • Dr Zsuzsanna Nagy
    Dr Zsuzsanna Nagy

    Dr Nagy is well known for her ground-breaking work on the involvement of the cell cycle in neurodegenerative diseases which started a new chapter in the history of neurodegeneration research.

  • David Evans
    David Evans

    David is an entrepreneurial investor focused in early stage and high-growth medical diagnostics and life science companies.


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